Freasdail Wind Farm


RES is pleased to introduce our plans for a new wind farm at Freasdail Forest, located on the Kintyre Peninsula east of the A83 at Gartnagrenach and South of Whitehouse, in Argyll and Bute.

The time is right to step up development of cleaner, greener energy sources. Renewable energy can reduce climate-changing pollution, provide a reliable supply of electricity to homes and business, create 'green collar' jobs and bring important economic benefits, both locally in Argyll and Bute and nationally.

We are committed to designing projects that generate reliable, renewable electricity while helping to minimise local impacts and maximising benefits for the Argyll and Bute economy.

We started our initial site investigations at Freasdail Wind Farm looking at a 16 turbine scheme with a height to tip of 125m.  From the results of the surveys, in addition to feedback from consultees and the community, we have reduced the turbines from 16 to 11 and the tip height from 125m to 100m.


Our wind farm designs evolve as a result of the site studies we undertake and the consultation process. We invite you to be part of this. 

The location of Freasdail is shown below.