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RES has expressed its disappointment at today's decision by Argyll and Bute Council's Planning Protective Services and Licensing Committee to refuse planning permission for its 11-turbine Freasdail Wind Farm near Whitehouse on the Kintyre Peninsula.

Louise Davis, Freasdail Wind Farm Project Manager, commented: "Given that Freasdail Wind Farm is located in the Argyll and Bute Council Proposed Area of Search for turbines over 80 metres we are surprised by the decision today. Wind turbines by their very nature are visible, however the sensitive design of this project combined with local screening features have reduced the landscape and visual effect."

"The concerns that Argyll and Bute Council had over the Forestry Management and Traffic Management Plan could both have been addressed by planning conditions and RES could have provided the necessary details if requested by the Council. These concerns are therefore not substantive reasons for refusal."

As well as providing a safe, secure and low-carbon source of electricity - enough to meet the average needs of up to 13,000 homes - the wind farm would have brought benefits to the local community. Almost 280 properties near the site would have been eligible for a £235 annual discount off their electricity bills and the wind farm would also have provided a community fund to support local social, environmental and educational projects, bringing the total benefits to the community to more than £2.75 million over the project's lifetime.

The company has already shown its commitment to the area by pledging its support for the Kintyre Way. RES has agreed to provide £30,000 of funding over three years to the long distance walking route. The project is now in its second year and has provided much welcomed assistance to the management of the route.

RES will be reviewing the Council's decision in more detail before considering the next step.